Men's Basketball Huddle


We strongly believe in “be the change you want to see in the world,” as our mission for creating this nonprofit is to help pave the way for KU student-athletes’ financial success. Their financial success is just as important as their athletic career and it’s equally important they continue to make an impact on their communities and charities close to their hearts using their name, image, and likeness (NIL).


With the NCAA in full effect, student-athletes have the ability to earn money with their NIL. Before the NCAA reversed its rules on July 1, 2021, students were banned from the NCAA if they benefited from their NIL in any way. The rules for the NIL policy are being passed state-by-state. Fortunately, Kansas Athletics, Policy on Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness permit them to profit off of their NIL. Kansas Athletics policy is in alignment with our mission, and that is “to maximize all opportunities for KU student-athletes as they receive a world-class education”. 

Our mission is to facilitate this change by providing more opportunities for these athletes to receive compensation using their NIL. While still in college, it is our mission to guide and protect our student-athletes’ brands. Student athletes have great power as they rightfully deserve if they decide to endorse supplements, sell autographs, monetize YouTube videos, etc. We are committed to serving our student-athletes as they manage this great power.

We are beyond excited for the upcoming change we hope to see you become a part of and RCJH’s hope for facilitating this positive change for student-athletes.